Good Morning

Just a quick note to say due to some chapters of consistent verbal abuse directed to myself and Anne through the email help desk.I have took the decision in order to be able to focus on the agenda of picking winners and both our mental suspend the help desk…there is no way I will put up with moaners and and abuse any longer from people who have no respect to myself and Anne….the help desk was in place to help people who needed assistance with long ins etc and technical help…its not for voicing opinions about myself and the fact there are losers..and the way I operate my business, I have also has stacks of members who have not paid there quarterly instalments and took advantage of my generosity to not delete them from the site….I am very disappointed to have had to take away the help desk email facility …but in honesty there is no need for it now…as you have access to the bets..and they are emailed out…win or lose and there have been untold winners…people have no right to moan or to say rude things….I am a gentleman and expect clients to act in the same way….so for now I am focusing totally on picking winners and not having to read the garbage that some members have wrote and caused us great upset with….its not the majority as most people are nice and have manners..but there are some undercurrent who are quite frankly nuisances and should not be betting if they cant afford to lose…this is betting and we are all over 21…so I am sorry Anne and myself cant cope with the flurry of emails that come through soon as losers are on line or some clients want to use it as a soapbox. its always the same how some people can ruin things for the many…but mental health and life is more important than opening a email to abuse or sarcasm

Here are the bets for Wednesday,

Each way number 7 BEAT THE HEAT 6.40 FONTWELL 6/1

Good luck and thanks