Good Morning, Molly Had her latest meeting with her amazing vet late yesterday afternoon, who was delighted with her progress in the past week, and how brave she is being, Molly is managing to walk again alone now a little with a limp it must be said, she broke/snapped her cruciate ligament 3 years ago in her rear right leg which healed to a degree after several months of hydrotherapy and stacks of rest and TLC …and now she has done the same to her left rear leg…hence the pain and the degree of difficulty to cope, she is now 14  and her previous bad leg has to work now to support her new bad leg (Sigh)… I have had her since she was rescued from some cruel people when she was a puppy. and she is almost human, having been with me 24/7 almost she picks up on so many words and I have to be so careful of how I am myself..up or down etc…as she senses any sadness or intensity  she has  also watched thousands of horse races!..Anne has done an amazing job with her in the past week never leaving her side and carrying her around the lawn to go to the toilet as she could not walk .and feeding her meds (tablets) that Molly simply says NO to taking and locks her jaw! so you can imagine. we have tried every single type of food to get her to eat the meds inside it…but alas she is now suspicious of everything!   …anyway I will try and a get a video of her loaded on here..if you would like that….I know many members have written in with kind words of hope and we both appreciate that very much…she is on injections and meds to help with the pain relief…but she is a very strong girl mentally..and we are very proud of the way she is managing at the moment…fingers crossed and more updates to follow….and thanks again for the messages..they really do mean a lot




Good Luck